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Setting Curfews for High School Students

            Many students have curfews set by their parents. I believe some parents set curfews for punishment and some set curfews just for the protection of their child. Although many students do not have a curfew, this might be because their parents are not as strict or simply because some parents do not find it necessary. Communities should not impose curfews on high school students because curfews should be up to their parents, students today need freedom, and parent should have trust in their child to be home at a reasonable time. .
             Curfews should be up to the students parents because their parents usually decide for them and what they believe is right. Parents should be able to raise their own child how they want, which includes deciding whether or not their child should have a curfew or not. Students today also need freedom to stay out with their friends until a reasonable time. Having a social life is healthy for students growing mind and helps them want to do better in school as well. Having a happy mind will motivate students more and help them to grow and learn from their mistakes. This will assist students to work and participate in social activities, while not having a curfew, in order to mature properly. .
             Adopting curfews for high school students can be very stressful as well. If students today do not get enough freedom to work and participate in social activities, they could become very stressed with school and feel like they can never get a break. This is if they do not get enough freedom or space to hang out with friends. Having a curfew will not allow them to become responsible for their own lives and will also show that their parents or communities does not trust them enough to make their own decisions. Students will be able to focus on school and their homework if they maintain a healthy, happy mind by having their own space and being able to determine their own curfew as well.

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