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History of Presidency

             Plot 8/10: We open up with a guy running around with a mask telling everyone that they will all die. The catch is that Michael is not the one they have to worry about this time. An evil toy/halloween gag maker is making masks for children to wear Halloween night to kill them and their families.and eventually everyone. The main is a doctor at a hospital who seeks out the mask maker and tries to stop him!.
             Gore 6.5/10: The first real kill is an eye gouging. I don't know about you, but for me eye gouging is kind of hard to watch, which made the first kill pretty effective. There is also a beheading that was actually somewhat bloody and even more entertaining than the first kill. The kills get better every time.my point being that the next kill is the most gory of the movie when someone's face is torn off(lots of blood there.) Finally you get to see the masks at work as bugs crawl out of a childs head. To me, 3-4 cool death scene merits a decent score. Definately not very violent, but you do get some decent death scenes.
             Nudity 1/10: A 0 is absolutely nothing sexual at all. In this case we've got a 1. In other words you get to see the side of some tata's. If you like boobies.i'm sorry. Go rent some porno.
             Technical 5/10: Truthfully nothing really stood out to me at all as I watched this movie. There were no impressive camera angles, no impressive sets, no impressive lighting or anything like that. BUT there was also nothing noticible to me that was bad. They actually tried to use some of the sound effects from the previous movie to create scares and it doesn't work at all.seeing as this movie isnt suspenseful. So it was completely average. Some of the effects were lame, but yeah its the 80's.deal with it. I just remembered the commercial was actually pretty decent. It was kind of creepy with the children singing.annoying too.
             Acting 5/10: Again, not 1 actor in this movie stood out to me as good in the least bit.

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