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Power Of The Presidency

            "The Out-of-control Presidency" is an article my Michael Lind in which he makes the claim that the executive branch of the government has become too powerful. The congress, he suggests, is where the power of the federal government was designed to lie and the presidency was constructed to be little more than a chief magistrate. Any mandate the president tries to claim is totally erroneous because no branch can represent the people as a whole. If they did, the need for the other branches of government would not need to exist. Intrusting one man, or even one branch of the federal government, with representing such a diverse and multi-cultural population is the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers had intended. .
             The congress was created for lawmakers to be directly accountable, not only to their nation, but their communities in which they lived. With there being more representatives in congress, it is obviously the body of government more in touch with the citizenry. Since the Founding Fathers wished to create a government by the people and for the people, in makes sense that the branch of government more representative of the people be the one where the power most lies. .
             Where we first see the president take a dictatorial role is in foreign policy. Since the end of World War II every president has been granted the authority to wage war almost entirely at his discretion. All he need do is have any claim with the smallest of truth (i.e. national security, UN authorization, or protecting national interest) to send our military to any corner of the globe. He may consent to a congressional vote, but only for image sake, and only after the congress has no choice but to pass his resolution. The congress has the constitutional right/obligation to declare war against foreign nations. The Constitution grants the executive power to negotiate all treaties with other nations, but entrusts the Senate with the power to approve or reject them.

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