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My Internship Reflection: Working with Addicts

             The start of a drug addiction is different for everyone and no two people begin the crippling descent the same. There are a variety of reasons for someone to experiment with drugs. Some people begin using in a social setting, succumbing to peer pressure, and for others it becomes a method of escape for those things that bring pressure and anxiety. .
             This paper refers to addicts and encompasses many types of mind and body altering drugs in our society today drug addiction is an issue that has affected our society in astronomical levels. Drug addiction most often manifests itself as a compulsive action regardless of the consequences of the use. This type of behavior is said by many to be based upon "choice" that are bad and out of control but made voluntarily by the addict. Regardless of "choice" there is no set system in place to guarantee the recovery and 100% success rate. A recovery program provides an intern with open possibilities and avenue's to learn. .
             INTRODUCTION .
             The intern that is discussed in this paper spent her hours working with a transitional recovery program that is contracted with the local court system for addicts that are in danger of risking their lives and freedom due to the addiction. They are court ordered to remain in the program for whatever period of time the program director and judge deem necessary for rehabilitation in an inpatient setting. The clients live in houses owned by the program and are required to maintain employment as conditions in the program. The intern encountered people, from all walks of life. Drug addiction is not a respecter of person, socioeconomic status or family of origin. The model for many of the group sessions that the intern encountered was Narcotics Anonymous paired with counseling and coping skills classes. .
             In order to understand the environment that the student was in she needed to understand the actual meaning of addiction.

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