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Internship paper

            DENTSU Malaysia offers their clients the most innovative, distinctive and diversified communications solutions. The Total Communications system, which Dentsu pioneered, is the key to creating integrated platforms that address each client's specific needs. DENTSU is fully committed to creating new solutions that effectively capture the public's imagination through a wide range of communications tactics and activities.
             Dentsu's communications solutions are built upon insights into the global marketplace, and upon in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour. These insights give rise to creative ideas that have the power to influence people and, at times, to even impact the structure of the market. DENTSU's top priority is to tap this creativity to ensure that even more great ideas see the light of day.
             The people of Dentsu make the ideas and the creativity possible and the best assurance that Dentsu clients everywhere will continue to succeed and prosper. Worldwide, the people of Dentsu give the company its special presence, the unique combination of intellect, sensitivity, imagination, compassion and vitality. It is the people of Dentsu that have made the company what it is today, and will continue to do so in years to come.
             The reason I choose to do my internship at DENTSU Malaysia is because Dentsu's Total Communications system represents an entirely holistic approach to client services. While many advertising agencies leave a number of communications activities to specialised companies, DENTSU Malaysia offer their clients comprehensive, integrated solutions designed to serve their brands. .
             The reason this is an importance to be is because through my internship at DENTSU Malaysia I would have been able to get the know the total communication process of an ad campaign and also will be able to partake in the negotiations with the clients. Another reason I choose complete my internship at DENTSU Malaysia is because Dentsu is well equipped to address the needs of each and every client.

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