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The Way We Communicate

            In order to be an effective manager in the work force today, one must have a very good understanding of the various ways in which people interact and communicate with one another. It is critical that good leaders display the ability to effectively communicate with their associates and subordinates as well as train and encourages others to demonstrate those same communication skills. By doing so, they will promote both a healthy and efficient work environment that everyone will be sure to enjoy.
             The first challenge in effectively communicating with today's workforce is diversity. The work force today is more diverse than ever and is rapidly becoming even more diversified as time passes. Leaders are already facing differences from many levels of society. And with every new group that enters into the workforce, there are still the cultural differences such as customs, beliefs, and expectations that are thrown into the mix as well. All of this, as well as many other issues only further complicates the task of achieving effective communication on all levels.
             Good listening, was an important aspect that I discovered while interning, you must be a good listener. A good listener listens to understand what the other person is saying, both in a literal sense but also in the emotional sense. There are basically two types of listening, group listening, and interpersonal listening. Each of these has slightly different ground rules. .
             Understanding of what listening entails might be beneficial. Listening is not just hearing. Listening is hearing, but also attending, registering and interpreting the information that is transmitted. Listening one-on-one is somewhat different than listening to a speaker as part of a group. However, one-on-one communication is essential to good group functioning. Listening as a member of a group or audience is some different than listening one-on-one.
             Without complete communication, groups do not function well.

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