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"How the Information Age changed the way we communicate and

            The Information Age has changed our world in many different areas, some for the good and some for the bad. You think back five, ten, or even twenty years ago when computers where once almost non-existent in the world, and at that time were used only for information processing and logical calculations. Only in the military did the information age really begin to develop and take a giant step in the right direction. .
             Today you look around and we use computers for most of the things that we do on a regular daily basis. When we go and fill our cars up with gas, when go to the grocery store, and even when we cook our dinner at home. The information age has changed our world in many ways and without really paying attention to it we just take it all in stride and thought nothing of it. It is a way of life for us and without it where would we be. Would we be better of with it or without it? .
             Computers played a significant role in opening a new era of communication. Connecting computers together not only brought the world of information together and at your finger tips but it also opened up a cross cultural connection for the world to begin to explore each other. I am able to speak to a person through a chat room who may live in Egypt, or have an audio conversation with someone in Japan and even see him or her online with a web cam. This information age has opened up a whole new world for us. We are able to do so much more and see so much more online that anyone could ever have imagined. There is an endless vat of information that is available online just waiting for someone to find it. All you have to do is look for it. Some of the information just like everything else has a bad side to it. With all the good and knowledgeable information there will also be useless, harmful information.
             Because of the changing world that we live in, everyday there is always something, somewhere that is newly improved or created in the form of communication and technology.

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