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From the Industrial Age to the Information Age

            Our world we live in has changed tremendously over time, if it is from century to century, year to year, or day to day the world is changing due to the evolving technology that so many people rely on it so heavily. What we are in now is known as the Information Age it is the biggest technological break-through since the Industrial Revolution. It has changed our lives on an individual level, community level, and national level. From now one these advances will affect us all.
             Many of my personal experiences with changes towards the Information Age have happened on the individual level. From growing up in the early 90's until now I have seen some advances in technology that all I could do was shake my head in amazement on how that product or thing will changes how so many people do things. These developments have changed many of my ways of doing things and I believe this will continue to happen. One major way I think the advancement into the Information Age will continue to make the younger generations less social and they will start to lack in people skills. With the advancement in cell phones, and the simplicity of text messages it is making the skill of talking on the phone become obsolete, which in turn will make people lose some of their ability to simply communicate with the mouths. I really think people will be affected by this advancement because things will just become easier to do by either phone or computer. The advantage I do see in this is that is simpler to stay in touch with long distance family or friends. It is a lot more enjoyable to Skype them or Face time them instead of writing a letter or having to travel long distances to have a simple visit which could easily be done with these applications. The thing that I think will suffer most on an individual level is the lack of people skills that will come from this. In my opinion that is really the best skill a person can have.

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