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Role of e-Security : Changing mindset of consumer

            Several aspects of our environment have been altered to a certain degree as we have moved from the Industrial Age into what some are calling the Communication or Information Age. As the Industrial Revolution brought forth mass production, mass media have emerged as the critical means by which various industries market their goods. Similarly, as the new Communication Age has begun to evolve, technology again is shifting the ways in which goods are marketed. .
             Within this revolution, several trends have emerged, including the emergence of home shopping, relationship marketing, and the development of new information and communication technologies. One technology that combines all of these trends is the World Wide Web. Over the past five years, the World Wide Web has been adopted by commercial users at a rapid pace. .
             In this short paper we are going to excavate the changing consumer outlook & issues before the e-marketer in luring customers to e-ward transaction.
             Changing psychology.
             The overall worldwide scenario in the post dotcom era seems to be more focused on security issues.
             R Security is becoming a priority.
             u Media attention on hacking attacks.
             u The 09-11 attack on US.
             u Financial fraud in globally renowned business entities like Worldcom, Xerox etc.
             R Trust is a core issue.
             Trust is the key asset for developing consumer mindset and buying patterns conducive to the growth of e-commerce in retail sectors.
             R Protection of confidential information.
             The individual user is interested in the security level appropriate to all the processes in which he or she is involved. Generally, consumers prefer to opt out of providing information when they are given the choice to do so on the Internet. .
             PWC research has revealed the following findings about issues of e-privacy becoming a potential barrier in e-commerce vertical.
             u Concern about privacy dictates and restricts what consumers are prepared to do on-line.

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