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Maintaining a Growth Mindset in College

            I have seen many students become discouraged when they face challenges, although they have the potential to successfully complete them. These student see changes at setbacks, not as growth opportunities; this is because they have a fixed mindset, not a growth mindset. In her essay, Brainology, Carol Dweck describes a fixed mindset as seeking intelligence is something that is fixed, and a growth mindset as thinking one's intelligence can grow and change. it is important to have a growth mindset since the mindset one possesses can help shape their success. Having a growth mindset can lead to being a hard worker and being motivated and the fixed mindset can lead to becoming discouraged, and becoming vulnerable to failure.
             Students that possess a growth mindset are more likely to do better in college and as a result have more success in their careers. As a freshman in college I have met many students who appeared to be talented in certain subject, and sometimes I think I am not as smart as they are, but the reality is I have the same potential. Many students are successful when using the growth mindset because they realize there are opportunities for them to be just as successful as any other student; this causes them to work harder. The idea behind a growth mindset is anyone can get smarter, Dweck states that, "They don't necessarily believe that everyone has the same abilities.do believe that everyone can improve their abilities." (2).Those who have a fixed mindset are constantly worried about making others believe they are smart, on the other hand those with a growth mindset are worried about learning and practicing the material that causes them to do well in their classes. Having a growth mindset can help a student be more successful in their education, so if you don't have a growth mindset it is important you start developing one. .
             Those who have a growth mindset will react better to failure, than those who have a fixed mindset.

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