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Neo-Conservatism and American Society

            Neoconservatism and American Society.
             Conservatism had gained a new respect during the 1980's. After the harsh Vietnam War and the roughness throughout the 1960's, the conservative influenced many people hoping for changes to be made. The conservative's use of innovative advertising and fund-raising techniques left the Liberal party hopeless as the backing of the national shifted to the new conservatives. The conservative's idea was based upon a thought from Thomas Jefferson, "That government is best which governs least." This means the government is to only use minimal contact and let society and the economy play out on its own. They slapped the ideal of throwing money at social and economic problems on the liberal party and claimed that it no longer worked. Therefore the conservative party constructed the idea to downsize the government, reduce taxes, and get rid of regulations that would interfere with business competition. This philosophy supposedly benefited the hard working class by promising profitability. Middle class was enlightened by the idea of profit from hard work because they feared they had been left of this picture due to the emphasis on the poor and minority population. Overall the conservative's had backing of almost the entire nation as well as majority of Republicans in the Senate and a good number in The House of Representatives, giving them the upper hand and regaining them control over the 1980's and much of the 1990's.
             Religion once again became a driving force in the lives of many conservative minded individuals. During this era many people again realized the importance of religion and because they did, their views likewise effected decisions made about gender, race, and sexuality. Millions of people in many religions including: orthodox Jews, Catholics, and Protestants all pushed for a stricter morality in society. The media in this sense had a negative effect because during this era the emphasis of the media was based all around sex and violence.

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