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Automobiles influence on american society

            The role automobiles play in American culture is a very.
             They have a tremendous influence on American society by.
             positively influencing the economy, helping to create more inventions,.
             and changing society.
             The creation of automobiles has played a very important role in.
             producing jobs for people. It also has made traveling allot.
             easier. If the automobile had never been invented we may not have some of the.
             luxuries that we have today. When automobiles were invented it gave.
             people allot of freedom to travel farther for the opportunity to get a.
             better job. travel was also much more efficient with the invention of.
             the automobile. Families could travel in a vehicle instead of traveling on a train.
             or taking horse and buggy. People could travel at any time they wanted ,.
             instead of following a train schedule. travailing by automobile was also.
             much more inexpensive. Luxuries were another of the many things the automobiles has.
             been accredited for. People could own luxurious cars with fancy.
             interiors, tiers and many other accessories. People enjoyed riding in cars more.
             then in cramped trains. People didn't have to plan far in advance for.
             trips . They could just pick up and go because they owned an automobile. The.
             automobile brought many families closer because they could visit.
             one another more often.
             The invention of automobiles has had an enormous change on our.
             economy. automobiles also created change in other industries .
             such as Oil and Gasoline. The automobile industry has also created a.
             wide variety of new jobs as well as giving the advertising industry a whole.
             new focus.
             The use of oil and gasoline industries were greatly increases.
             with the invention of the automobiles. People needed gasoline and oil to.
             help their vehicles run. These industries have sense sky rocket after the.
             invention of the automobiles.
             The job market was increases greatly also. There were many.
             jobs to be filled once automobiles came in to American society.

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