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Henry Ford and the Model T

            In the early 1920's, the streets of the United States began to change from the clip-clop of horses, to the roaring sounds of gasoline engines. The roaring twenties marked a time where Americans were spending money, and enjoying life with new inventions such as movies, the radio, theme parks, and the widespread use of electricity. The most important invention of the early twenties was Ford's introduction of the Model T. Ford was the first car company to bring a cheap and reliable car, to the masses. The impact of the Model T was enormous, influencing the national economy, and creating a new American lifestyle. Roads were being built, and cities grew as people could now travel to the cities with ease, from the rural countrysides. The Model T paved the way for all modern cars, and its designs and mechanics are still used to this very day. Henry Ford brought his company from a one-man business, headquartered in his garage, to a multi-million dollar business, that has become a staple of the American car industry. Car enthusiast, George Dammann, describes Ford the best in this quote: "They have never been the finest car; they have seldom been the cheapest; not always were they the fastest or the best looking; nor the easiest to repair. Often they were not even the best seller. Yet Ford has endeared themselves to millions of Americans," (5). Henry Ford and his company impacted the automobile industry in every way, and if it weren't for Ford and the Model T, the cars that people have come to love today, would not exist.
             Henry Ford was an innovator that wanted to see his ideas come to fruition. He would be unable to fulfill that by working at the Detroit Motor Company. Henry Ford quit his job at Detroit Motor Company, because the CEO believed that Ford's ideas would not be profitable, and believed that automobiles were a, "rich man's toy," that would not be wanted by the general public (Dammann 5).

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