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Henry Ford

            Henry Ford had a mind like no other man that was simultaneous and contradictory toward the future he helped create. He looked forward and backward into the future at the same time. Ford was afraid of the nation's ability move into the technological future without losing the values of Ford's past. Henry Ford represented the 1920's along with the flappers and flasks that did not represent his values. .
             The model T was the first automobile built for the masses by Henry Ford. These cars symbolized change and the new era. Henry Ford looked forward into the future by changing the way people lived and worked. At one point in his life he was ranked the third greatest figure of all time. Near the end of the twenties Ford was a legend, and an international symbol of the new industrialism. .
             On one hand Ford looked forward to the future; one the other hand Ford looked backward to his traditional values. Ford fretted the morality of the jazz age. He had an intense commitment to the traditional values he was raised with that conflicted with many things in the jazz age. Ford believed that everything wrong with the new American civilization was attributed to Jewish influence. Ford used the new immigrants as a scapegoat for the corruption of music, baseball, and many changes in that era. Ford also had genuine love for the outdoors. Ford choose small towns instead of cities as the sites for his factories.
             To conclude, Ford's whole attitude and actions mixed technology and nature in a was that symbolized his simultaneous and contradictory actions that made him so important in history. Ford had a reputation as a forward-looking inventor, yet Ford idolized the values of the past. Even though he was a self made billionaire and a technological genius, he still strived to resolve the moral dilemmas in his eyes of the era he helped create.

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