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The Influence of Henry Ford

             Have you ever wondered how you get from place A to place B? Well, most of the time you are traveling by automobile. And who invented the automobile? Henry Ford did. Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 in Wayne County, Michigan. He was the son of Irish immigrants, William and Mary Ford, who had settled on a farm in Dearborn. Henry Ford had a mind to invent something new. He was very smart and actually went somewhere in life instead of staying at a farm milking cows. After he got sick of school, Henry moved to Detroit, hoping he could find a job.
             Imagine walking everywhere in the cold and in the brutal heat. We wouldn't stand a chance. But thanks to this brilliant young man, he took up a job working in a machine shop and started fooling around with small engines and machines. Ford was 16 when he started working on machines and motors. This led to a machine called the "Quadricycle," a vehicle with a buggy frame mounted on four bicycle wheels was completed in 1896. Ford sold the "Quadricycle" to raise capital for more creations. Ford was good enough to attract backers and even partners, and in 1903, he set up the Ford Motor Company. .
             And after that, in 1908, he began production of the "model T ".They were so successful that 15 million of them had been sold at a very affordable price. In 1927, The Ford Motor Company stopped making model T cars. Then later in 1928, ford began producing a car called the model A with a little bit of a different appearance. When you drive down the street, you see a lot of cars having a blue symbol and in fancy writing it says "Ford".
             Henry Ford changed the world. The industrial wonder he created and the affordable cars he produced, affected society in ways that most could never have imagined. He embodied the American idea of individualism and free effect in a way that no one else had ever before and will never before. He created a CAR, an object you get inside, and be warm and drive where ever you want if you want to pay for gas.

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