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Design is my career

             Art is a principle in making or doing things that display form, beauty, and unusual perception. Art can give a divine influence upon human beings. As though it has done to me. As a child, I have always been very creative. Some people tell me I was born into the world of art. Creating something of beauty is definitely fulfilling and pleasing to me. .
             I have always been inspired by art. However, there was an event in my life that has inspired me to pursue a career in art. This incident occurred in my second year of high school. There was a Congressional Art Competition for all high school students in May of 2001. The competition was called "An Art Discovery." To my surprise, my drawing won. It was displayed at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. This competition was held to raise money for the many sick children in the hospital. I received an honorable mention certificate of a congressional recognition for participating in "An Art Discovery" from the U.S. House of Representatives. Ever since my drawing won, and was displayed at Henry Ford Hospital, and I knew that all the many sick children were going to receive money to help them recover from there illnesses, made me feel very peaceful and joyous for my accomplishment.
             In my first year at the University of Michigan, my goal is to pursue a career in art, majoring in graphic design hopefully to end up working in animation, multimedia, or commercial art. Most artists choose to keep their talent alive such as me. One day I am going to see my work on billboards, window displays, advertisements, catalogues, etc. In joining this field, I am not only going to be a great artist, but I will also be adept in the "art of marketing and publicity." .
             As a graphic artist, I will learn how to communicate information visually using words and images, as well as learning how people perceive and interpret information related to visual communications. With the many wonderful professors at the University of Michigan, I will be challenged intellectually and on my artistic abilities.

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