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Career Goal Narrative

            Everybody needs a job when they get old enough to have to support themselves. I am interested in graphic design as a future career. Graphic designers combine art and technology to develop graphics for certain product illustrations, logos, and websites. A few things I am interested in are television commercials, magazine advertisements, and web design. .
             The time that I first became interested in this career area was when I was younger. It was around the end of my sophomore year in high school when I was talking to my dad in my living room. He said I should start thinking about what I wanted to do after high school. A day or two went by and then I decided I am very good at art, and I love to work with computers. Afterwards, he suggested that I help my mom come up with the new logo for my school, since she was the one who designed it. During the interaction between my mom and I, we came to the conclusion that I should do graphic design. .
             I believe this is the right career choice because after researching the benefits of a graphic designer, I recognize that it is a very rewarding and high paying job. Although, it is not an hourly, monthly, or yearly pay check, research shows that an average income is $44,150. In a sense, the money is what motivated me the most, but I also like the career itself. I find graphic design to be very interesting, because it is something that I can always get better at. I will always keep trying to learn something new. A few reasons that I think I would be good at this career are: my artistic skills, creative mind and interests in technology. From the time I was first introduced to anything, such as a new video game or a mobile device, or virtually anything with animation, I would mainly wonder how it was made. Later, when I was at school, I learned that it was created by graphic designers. At the time I was in multiple art classes outside of school, and various tech classes in school.

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