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Career in art; interior design

             There are so many career opportunities waiting to just jump up and snag intelligent young adults with a fresh education. What most people don't know is that not all opportunities are for them. Some people are good with money, some are good with clothing, and some are good with writing. Everybody is different and has a unique make-up creating a need for a unique career to fit their personality as well. You may be one of many whose personality shouts out creative, diverse.artistic. If this is so, you may want to consider a career in art. There are many careers in art, ranging from architects, to fashion designers. My interest however always draws to a career in interior design. .
             Interior design may sound like an easy way out, but there is a lot more to it that the name. It's not just throwing some furniture and paint around so that a room or home can look better; but a series of knowledgeable decisions to compliment every part of the space being designed. It is all about making the trade, organizing the details and making sure EVERYTHING is perfect whomever you are aiming to please. .
             There is a past of history design to go along with it. A man named Mackintosh developed furniture designs that most often used geometric forms, extreme high chair backs, and white and black paint finishes with designs of violet, silver, or gold. His work dates back to 1868. So for many centuries interior design has been important to human beings. I think interior design is so important to us because of how long we spend in our homes, and the want to be comfortable and enjoy our surroundings.
             To become an interior designer you may take a variety of education paths to get where you are going, but for most recognized places to hire you, you will need at least two to four years of schooling and two years experience in the field. The best way to get experience and build your knowledge is through internships. Salary in this career is a very wide range number.

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