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Interior Designers

             Interior designers are people who design interiors and develop the environments in which we spend most of our lives. We live, work, and play in spaces designed by professionals who have a unique blend of artistic talent and practical knowledge. Interior designers of efficient space planning, color, pattern, lighting, furniture, and materials. These elements are essential to the creation of residential and commercial spaces. .
             The education you needed to be an interior designer is two years in an art college for an associate degree in applied science, or you can go for four years and get a Bachelor of Science degree. The art schools will teach you the fundamentals of perspective and space planning, form, and function, and safety codes. You will also learn about materials and the history of architectural styles. By the end of your college years, you will have a portfolio and be ready for a career interior design. .
             The career opportunities that you can have as an interior designer are commercial designer, residential designer a person who is a residential designer designs single family and multi-family model homes, kitchens and baths and also dose home renovations. Computer aided designer, manufacturing designer a manufacturing designer is employed by manufacturers to design products. Exhibition design is making designs for museums. Lighting consulting, color consulting, or historic preservation. Other careers are working for architectural or interior design firms, or hotel or restaurant chains.
             The field that I want to work in is historic preservation I will be able to combine my love of history and interior design. An historic preservationist has to be able to identify, analyze and restore historically valuable properties. In addition I would like to go into the field of residential design which is planning space and often procuring and overseeing the installation of decorative and functional materials for the home environment.

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