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Computer Engineering Career Research

            Now that I'm in high school I realize I need to start looking for a career. Technology often requires a lot of preparation but to become a computer software engineer has more requirements. "The most qualified applicants will have a bachelor's degree or, at a minimum a certificate of a two-year computer engineering degree, " (Career). Locally, they have colleges for the technology here in California called the ITT Tech. There are many ways to prepare for this career while still high school. It is important to take computer classes, mathematics, and engineering. Taking computer classes can greatly increase your computer learning skills and have no problem how to use it. The employment outlook 2008 75,000 computer software engineers were employed. There are many related fields to this type of career. Through the process of writing this research paper, I have collected information about becoming a computer software engineer and a computer hardware engineer; after comparing and contrasting these two careers, I have decided that becoming a computer software engineer is the best career choice for my life.
             What I already know about being a computer software engineer is that you get to use different software programs for example Adobe, Java, Microsoft, and many other software programs. Most careers like these has a good salary pay. "Average yearly wages for computer applications software engineers were $87,900 in May 2008. Average yearly wages for computer systems software engineers were $94,520. " (Outlook) What I also know about this career is that you work in offices with companies or be an administrator and work at your pace at home. Also some of the software you use can be used to repair, modify, remove viruses, and increase performance to most computers. What I also know about this career is that the salary benefits are helpful to your life and give you a success at life. .
             A computer hardware engineer is different than being a computer software engineer.

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