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The Evolution of Engineering Technology

            The world of engineering is forever changing. Engineering is known as the branch of science and technology that uses engines, machines, and structures for building and design. Almost every element in our society is the product of an engineer. Even though engineers are vital in the development of new products and ideas, they are not very respected. Engineers tend to be shy and not very talkative unless they are discussing one of their recent projects or something about the field that interests them.
             Socially, engineers were thought not to be gentlemen because the way they are taught is not the best in the aspect of gaining respect. Scientists are often given more credit than engineers due to their boisterous egos and want for public attention. Many people in the early days did not know the difference of what a scientist does compared to an engineer. Overtime, engineers have become much more known for their work and receive more credit. Engineering has also developed in the aspect of communication. In the early stages, slow methods of travel were used in order to meet people one on one. Also, it was hard to share detailed information over the phone or by letter. Now, travel is quicker and detailed information is sent to people all across the world with the click of a button. .
             The tools used on a daily basis have drastically changed over time due to the creation of technology. Of course, technology makes everything easier. This idea has led some experienced engineers to believe that the engineers of today lack vital skills of engineering with the development of technology. They believe if the plug were pulled today's engineers would struggle to use old tools such as the slide rule and be challenged to use their own drafting abilities. .
             Research Question: How has the field of engineering changed overtime?.
             In the early stages of engineering, the engineer did not receive the same level of respect as he or she does today.

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