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Variuous Fields of Engineering

            Due to the rapid increase in the world population, many questions arise to satisfy the basic needs of human for food, energy, water, materials, healthcare, safety and transportation. To address those problems, it is clear that there should be an improvement in the education of various kinds of engineering. Each field of engineering will be critical to fulfill different demands in developing communities. Among those fields, there are three areas of engineering the is important in terms of manufacturing, healthcare, end providing energy in human activities, which are mechanical, biomedical and petroleum engineering.
             Mechanical Engineering.
             Mechanical engineering is the profession in "machines, power systems, factory production lines, computer boilers and pressure vessels"(Basta 52). Specifically, engineers are people who apply physics and material knowledge to produce aircraft or electrical machinery, power utilities. It is estimated that mechanical engineering is the second- largest profession by size behind civil engineering (Basta 52). Mechanical engineer can trace its root back to the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution from 1750 to 1800 in Europe and 1800 to 1850 in the United States (Basta 52). The steam engine, which is invented by James Watt in 1802, has contributed greatly to the development of Mechanical Engineering. Later then, railroad and canals emerged based on the development of steam locomotive and self- propelled boat. It is believed that steam engine has been the most important invention to allow the mechanization of agriculture and manufacturing plants in which water power is used to run conveyors (Basta 53).
             In this period, the introduction of automobile powered by the combustion of gas and oil and electricity for lightning invented by Thomas Edition in 1800s created new demand for mechanical engineers. These developments raised the need for analyzing and designing components of autos, power generators and electrical conveying equipment (Basta 53).

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