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Women and the STEM Fields

            As far back as the middle ages, women has been involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. From Ada Lovelace, a English chief writer and a mathematician that was said to be the first person that thought of programming, to Patricia Bath, a 20th century inventor who designed the Laserphaco Probe that treats cataracts. The number of women in STEM fields are rising, but the number of men in STEM fields are still outnumbering the women in the same field. This is not only an epidemic that is happening the science, mathematics and technology fields but this is also showing up in other fields such as medicine, business and law. In grade school, middle school and high school, boys and girls all take the same science and math classes in equal numbers and girls are just as prepared as boys to pursue a successful college career in mathematics, science and technology. Yet the number of men that pursue a major in the STEM fields, heavily outnumber women. Woman hold less than 25% percent of all STEM jobs in America. This number would be a lot larger if society played a better role in the upbringing of young women in America. How can we as a society change the frame of mind in young girls, and show them that anything their male counterpart can do, they can do as well or even better. Cultural norms of society has inhibited the advancement of women in science, technology, mathematics and engineering by supporting the dominance of men and the submission of women. .
             The mystery of why there are more men than women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields can be traced back to their individual childhood. As a child, young girls are taught to be little delicate princess that only play with Barbie's, Easy Bake Ovens and little Kitchenettes. This is where some young girls are taught they would cook, clean and be submissive to their male counterpart. But for the young boys, they are given toys such as LEGO's, builder kits and video games.

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