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Stem Cell Research

             Stem cells are undifferentiated, primitive cells with the ability both to multiply and to differentiate into specific kinds of cells. Stem cells hold the promise of allowing researchers to grow specialized cells or tissue, which could be used to treat injuries or disease. I believe stem cell research can give new hope to the hopeless and health to the unhealthy. The United States Government should not deny us the right to medical treatment. I have found research that suggests that stem cells are the answer to treatment for numerous medical conditions. Finally, I feel ethical issues dealing with stem cell research have been seriously overstated.
             First, we cannot allow the United States Government the right to deny us medical treatment. If we begin to allow the government to take away the most simple rights, such as certain medical treatments, they might expect more. We live in the age of government regulation from seat-belts to Social Security. These situations have the potential to become a slippery slope in which the government takes an inch, then a foot, then eventually it becomes a mile. The government certainly wouldn't ask a mother to refuse treatment for a child with leukemia, shouldn't the mother of a child with juvenile diabetes have the same opportunity if her child could benefit from stem cells?.
             Second, medical evidence suggests that stem cell research is the answer to many serious diseases. In one study on embryo research, the author suggested, "Stem cells can be grown into body parts, enabling them to fight many common afflictions such as strokes, Parkinson's disease, heart attacks, cancer, osteoarthritis, and burns." (Bettelheim, 1072) Some of these diseases.
             currently have no cure, however stem cells are the most promising discovery in this field in years.
             Finally, Ethical issues surrounding stem cell research have been overstated. In-vitro.
             fertilization was considered tabu when it was first practiced.

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