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Stem cell research

             A Look at the Ethical Debate of Federal Funding.
             Stem cell research has been becoming a larger national issue of public concern in the last few years. The promises of treatments that it can provide are up against deep seeded morals that have existed for generations. Some people believe that the federal government should not give assistance to the research, while others feel the government is not doing enough to help it along.
             There has been considerable discussion and analysis about the moral and ethical issues toward the use of stem cells in biotechnology. This is not a question that has only been discussed in our government, but in other governments around the world. No one disagrees that stem cells have shown to be the most promising discovery in the last century for providing cures and treatments of numerous diseases and disabilities. The question that has some people against the research is that because we have the ability to do it, is it in the best interest of the human race to proceed with it? The opposing side in the debate sees the question as having an easy solution: research should be allowed because it can help the lives of so many that are suffering.
             The purpose of this paper is to argue the benefits of stem cell research and why the federal government should help fund this new technology. Few would question that the moral debate is not relevant at this time. It is very much needed in directing the way that funding should proceed, because biotechnology of stem cells has the potential for negative uses. For example, one of the biggest threats of possible negative use is that of human cloning. Therefore, in this paper, I examine the following: .
             1) What are stem cells and what promise do they provide, .
             2) The moral issues that are important to further research along,.
             3) What has the federal government done in regards to funding the research, .
             4) And the position that a state has taken regarding funding.

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