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Genetic Engineering

            There is a new field in the world today, it is genetic engineering. This has allowed us to do the unimaginable time after time, literally producing our species of choice. This is proving to be helpful in many different ways. The process of genetic engineering has to do with the organisms DNA. We alter this DNA and the organism has no choice but to copy it. This is what makes it unique, after it grows it has the required gene to fit our needs. We have been using this technique with a wide variety of organisms for our benefit. Some argue against this statement and believe that it is being used for bad. .
             We should continue researching and using this genetic engineering as the benefits are endless. Now we are capable of producing new drugs and making the old ones better. In 1987 "super mice" produced a human drug that treats blood clots (North Central Regional Extension, 1995). Bacteria are being altered to produce antibiotics. This is great for creating new and improved drugs. Drugs arenít the only uses of genetic engineering. In addition, enzymes derived from genetically engineered bacteria are now routinely used to increase efficiency in a number of processes. Pectin degrading enzymes increase both the yield and clarity of tinned fruit and fruit juices (Antoniou, 1996). Another use that few people know of is for fuel. A harmless soil bacteria called klebiella planticola, inhabits the root-zone of plants. It has been genetically engineered to transform plant residues such as leaves into ethanol which farmers can readily use as a fuel (Nash, E, 1997). .
             The critics contend that there are transgenic organisms which have a more likely chance for causing disease. These studies have no evidence to .
             support them because a lot of plant to bacteria trading of diseases occurs ( Novartis, 1997). Also, there are concerns that transgenic organisms, if let out into the wild, will push other bacteria into extinction because they are better suited for life.

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