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Genetic Engineering

            Genetic Engineering could be the next step in the future enhancements in science. Genetic Engineering is the cutting of DNA from one organism and inserting a section into a host organism. I believe that Genetic Engineering will benefit mankind medically, industrially, and agriculturally.
             Genetic Engineering can take the medical world to a new level. Now, for a patient to receive an organ for a transplant, a person has to be brain-dead. With Genetic Engineering, there could be an abundance of donor organs without the wait. Genetic Engineering could also create new medicine for diseases untreatable before. The study of genetics is growing everyday, but with Genetic Engineering there would be tons of new things to study. The development of new things would be easier and easier.
             Through the Genetic Engineering of animals, a large amount of proteins can be produced. When a DNA strand of one animal is cut, and another one to produce a certain protein is replaced, then the protein produced by this animal can be produced at a much higher rate. For example, insulin is a vital drug, used by diabetics. Genetics Engineering makes it possible take wheat plants and alter them to grow insulin.
             In agriculture, bigger means better (unless you are dealing with bugs). Genetic Engineering could make the crops bigger, faster without harming it. Crops on farms have a high chance of disease. With Genetic Engineering, the crops could be engineered to become resistant to certain diseases. There could also be ways to create natural fertilizers and frost prevention. The farmyard animals would also be benefited. The cows and goats could produce milk that could be altered and used as a medicine.
             Genetic Engineering is the outbreak science has been looking for. It gives new hope to things that have been worrying society for ages. The medical, industrial, and agricultural benefits will help the world on its many problems.

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