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Genetic Engineering

             Our world is rapidly changing all around us, discoveries are being made and radical ideas are formed. Genetic engineering is one of those radical discoveries. It involves changing the inherited characteristics of an organism by altering the genetic material. By engineering a DNA fragment, scientists have already cloned several different types of organisms. They range from fruit flies, to sheep, and even house cats. But will they ever try to clone a human, or even go as far as altering genes to create a perfect race of super-humans? This brings us to a question that has been on the back of millions of minds ever since this technology was discovered. Is it ethical to develop a flawless human race through genetic engineering? The only answer is "no" due to the fact that it has been seen in our history, our present and even in literature. These all show that genetic engineering, being dangerous and costly, has negative effects on our society and should be controlled.
             Even though genetic engineering only involves changing genes, there could still be some strange new grotesque surprises that would scar the genetically engineered human as it grew and changed from its original. For example, scientists don't know if Dolly, the sheep cloned in Scotland, will even age at the same rate as her mother. This is because at birth she was given genes that were six years old! Although Dolly was simply a clone, there are the same amount and perhaps even more risks in genetically altering organisms. Likewise, if scientists begin to engineer "a flawless human race," who is to say that people won't develop an "ideal" of how humans should look, act, and think. Particular body plans might be mapped out along with intelligence and personality characteristics. It is very conceivable that genetic variation could be lost. .
             Another point that should be brought up is that cloning a mammal is an extremely difficult process.

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