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Genetic Engineering

             My policy on genetic engineering is that to a certain extent genetic engineering is essential to our world today. According to Theodosius Dobzhansky he said, #"If we allow the weak and deformed to live and propagate their kind, we face the prospect of a genetic twilight; but if we let them suffer or die when we can save them, we face the certainty of a moral twilight." I disagree with Dobzhansky because God creates babies no matter their form or whatever they look like, they"re God's creation and should be looked at in awe instead of amazement. God creates things for a reason and for His reason to only know why. Through genetic engineering, transgenic organisms are created to improve upon nature, to act as bioreactors that make useful products, or to act as models for understanding basic biology. Baby embryos and their genes are at stake and also their future because if we alter their genes, we may not know what's in store for them later in life. They may not appear as foreign to this earth, but they do contain at least one altered gene. One may argue that humans have no right to intervene with evolution because of the way it allows the setting aside of species barriers. Thomas Shannon says, #" Genetic engineering offers the promise of a substantive improvement in the quality of the life of future generations as well as an improvement in the quality of the life of future generations as well as an improvement in the quality of our environment." I have to disagree with Shannon because how can he say this even though we haven't even achieved genetic engineering and so how can he already know the outcome of what genetic engineering, we've only touched on it and jus begun.
             Another may argue that humans have been interfering with evolution since the dawn of agriculture, with the development of plant and animal breeding, while genetic engineering is just a sophisticated way of doing something particularly ancient.

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