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Issues in the Field of Mechanical Engineering

            Mechanical engineering is one of the largest and oldest fields in the engineering field. Mechanics, mathematics, engineering sciences, design manufacturing, etc. form the foundation of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers also design tools that other engineers need for their work. According to my research, analysis, design, and synthesis are the key functions of mechanical engineers. Even though mechanical engineering is not really a hazardous field, during tests, installations, repairs and research, mechanical engineers may encounter certain dangers. Other dangers include: general worksite dangers, fires, and unsafe air. .
             Mechanical engineers often work with machinery and equipment that is heavy, cumbersome and structurally unstable. They might injure their backs trying to secure equipment or stabilize materials, crush their hands or fingers trying to work in tight spaces or injure their faces, heads, eyes or toes when proper protective equipment isn't worn. Even though mechanical engineers use technology, computer-aided design software, and their brains to solve mechanical and structural issues, the job also requires hands-on engagement. Engineers are often required to go on-site to install or repair equipment or gather information they need for designing new equipment. They can also slip on wet floors and ladders while working in an industrial environment. Sometimes mechanical engineers have to come in contact with large, heavy materials that can crush them. Many types of equipment that they use require electrical power, and some may carry enough power to kill or seriously injure anyone who comes into contact with it. .
             Personal protective equipment is also needed for a work-site or lab they are in. For example, laser glasses for areas where lasers are used , Safety glasses to prevent chemical liquids or acids from getting in your eyes, earplugs to protect your ears from loud noises , Hard hats for extra protection , and steel-toe boots to protect your feet from any object that can pierce the sole of your shoe.

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