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Man in the Modern Age

            Machine age or technological age or scientific age, whatever you call it, was the same age in which our ancestors had breathed, lived and spent their lives. There was a technological boom in this new age and in our lives. We were following new generation ideas, innovative concepts and a new world order. All of these things has changes us so much that we can't even think of ourselves in the previous eras. Machine age was full of life, ideas, concepts, devices, fun and technology but sometimes in all of these things we forgot emotions. We had best living conditions and environment which was never possible before. We had better medical facilities and educational opportunities than ever before. One enjoyed life as one wanted to. He can do whatever he wants to do.
             Despite of all the medical, health, educational facilities and our living environment, mankind hadn't cared for Mother Nature. We had destroyed our natural habitat, just to live in comforts. We don't wanted to work in scorching heat, that's why we had invented air conditioners and central cooling systems. And these inventions were indirectly affecting our lives too much that we were not even 5 percent alike our ancestors. If we try to study our ancestors then we come to the conclusions that all of them we similar to each other even if they lived across oceans. They were alike and understanding characters. They were discoverers and geniuses. But why was there so much differences among us. And very few among us can be regarded as geniuses. We were not hardworking but we were comfort loving generations.
             Pros and cons were present everywhere. Along with the cons that I've mentioned in above paragraph there were pros too of the man of machine age. We had created this machine age for ourselves and that was why we had so many life and time saving devices with us. These devices and machines helped us in doing hectic and time consuming jobs. Man of machine age was so much busy in working and doing all their stuff that he do not even had little time to give to their relatives.

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