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The Challenges of Modern Parenting

            Speaking about the challenges of modern parenting, we can pay our attention to the word modern. It is not surprising, that Our time differ from the time of Our Parents. There is no young man or woman, who cannot agree that our parents like to repeat such phrases as todays children are disrespectful, they dont greet elders, they are so violent and of course during our time, we would not have gotten away with that!. The argument today is that, parents are no longer hands-on in the upbringing of their children.
             Parenting these days has to be extremely challenging, because many children of all ages are exposed to so much, that traditional values are not easily taught against a rushing tide of new lifestyles that include yes illegal drinking, and drug use, and hostile music designed to demean the human experience. There are numerous video games that promote killing as fun, and in some cases in the US, these games are thought to have contributed to some of their recent gun tragedies.
             I know many parents who find enough time and attention to the children: communicate with them, discuss the vital issues on school and the house, and consult before acceptance of a crucial decision if the child the teenager, try not to dictate to the child their requirements, and to agree with them. But, there are a lot of families where parents in the modern difficult world do own business and work the most part of time. Then there is no time for a child and communication is reduced to formal questions: whether he made the homework, whether he ate? As a result, parents lose contact with their child and he also formally answers them only to "get rid".
             Unfortunately, nowadays there are more divorces, than it was in the good old days of our parents. And this is also one of the complicated issues of modern parenting. In our society many children are brought up in one-parent families (where there are no fathers, and mother generally is engaged in education).

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