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Martin Luther: Medieval and Modern

            Few, if any, men have changed the course of history like Martin Luther. Luther started a revolution known as the Protestant Reformation. He sparked the reformation based upon his own values of religion, education, and faith.
             Martin Luther valued religion first and foremost. Martin Luther came into a world dominated by the Catholic religion which held spiritual dominion over all the nations of Europe. The church's promise of salvation, and Luther's terror of the possibility of imminent death led him to become a monk. After joining the monastery Luther became fearful that the church could offer him salvation, and his trip to Rome only further this fear. He realized that the church and city had been overcome with corruption. He discovered in the bible that it religion would not guarantee salvation but his own individual faith could. .
             Luther knew he had at least attempt to change the church, or at the very minimum speak up. He ended up writing ninety-five theses attacking the corrupt ways of the Catholic Church and posted them on the doorstep of the Catholic Church. The theses set a rage all across Europe, Luther remarked "I would never have thought that such a storm would rise from Rome over one simple scrap of paper. "The catholic church tried and failed at muzzling him, he went even farther making more radical statements. He developed a new system of faith, this started the Protestant Revolution. His system of faith and religion put the freedom of the individual believer above the rituals of the Church. The Protestant Reformation did not only change the church but also set a different precedent for education. Luther believed that people needed to be educated to understand religion and faith, saying "the common people knowing nothing at all of Christian doctrine.and unfortunately many pastors are well-nigh unskilled and incapable of teaching.".
             Martin Luther started a reformation of education.

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