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             The reformatiom of the catholic and Christion faith during the sixteeth century was a break from reglious life which had occurred during the middle ages (400 to 1450). Although many people think this was only a change in the way people of that era choose to view God and their relationship with him. It was really a change in the way they viewed their lives on earth. The foundation of most Europian counries was the Roman Catholic church and the Pope. Major changes in their relationship with the church was a change in their lives. The Italian Renaissance (1450 to 1600 had started a re-thinking of man's role within the world (Socrates / Plato ) , people wanted to know what was best for the individual in his indevers through life . Prior to this way of thinking, the individual was submissive to the Church/Monarch. The renaissance was part of the beginning of man's thinking about himself and lead into the root beginning of the Reformation. Europe was the center of the earth for it's people and Florence Italy was the center of the renaissance and Europe was sure to be looking at her. The reformation feed off of man's thoughts of Socrates and Plato, two central renaissances philosophers. Prior to this time people within Europe allowed the church to dictate their relationship with God and their lives in general. .
             The church required strict obedience to their laws. But, there where those who lead the change which was called the Reformation. Martin Luther, John Calvin (1509- 1564), Anabaptist and Anglicans were at the forefront of the reformation struggles against the Roman Catholic church and it's leaders.
             Martin Luther (1483- 1546) and other resented how the roman clergy lived their lives and spent riches on housing and churches (St Peters). They looked at the holy roman church as out of touch and out of control. The catholic church no longer were fulfilling the needs of its people. It had become a bureaucracy fulfilling only it own needs of indulgence and hard handed rule.

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