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            The European world of sixteenth century had encountered revolutionary .
             changes in its society and its obstinate Christian religion. By this time the .
             Catholic Church was extremely corrupted that its spiritual leaders, the popes .
             were far away from their religion and holy duty, and did nothing but indulging .
             themselves in fortune and fame. Consequently the literate people such as .
             humanists in the society and Protestants, who felt their religion has become .
             wrong and pathetic, thought of and aroused the reformation. There were huge .
             radical movements of those people to reform their Christian society and religion .
             all around the European territories; secularization, which is the process of .
             converting from religious to civil that develops a variety of activities outside the .
             sphere of religion has appeared. There are intellectual, political, and religious .
             factors that inspired the religious revolution. .
             As economy of the European world has grown, trade with other countries .
             occurred. Merchants earned a great amount of money and formed the new .
             middle class. These rich people had enough money to teach their children and .
             also the children had to learn to keep the industry. In the process of learning, .
             they got to be familiar with the idea of humanism. This humanism movement .
             started during Renaissance period and it was based upon the study of classics, .
             or the literary works of ancient Greece and Rome that emphasizes the dignity .
             and worth of the individual. It also emphasized the value of the classics for their .
             own sake, rather than for their relevance to Christianity. This Renaissance .
             humanism spread and in northern Europe a new type of humanism emerged; it is .
             called Christian humanism. The reform of Christendom was the major goal of this .
             Christian humanism. The Christian humanists believed in the ability of human .
             beings to reason and improve themselves. They thought studying the classics, .
             and especially the basic works of Christianity will make people become pious and .

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