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Was the medevil church curropt

            Was the Medieval Church Corrupt or Following .
             All in some way portray the validity of a subject. The people of the ancient world believing the world was flat justifies, to some respect, why Christopher Columbus set sail on the winds of discovery. Quite the same way the medieval church being corrupt justifies the success of Martin Luthers Reformation. By depicting the churches popes as power-hungry totalitarians who aided in the Holy Inquisition and stole money from poor people through tithes and indulgences one must assume that Luther and other "reformers" should gain credit for bringing the church back to the Old Testament mindset. .
             The present day Roman-Catholic church being depicted with the same sight as the medieval church is merely a parallel of two separate entities, thus saying that though the evidence shows the Catholic Church as corrupt in the medieval time frame the same representation is not just today. Often the view of pop culture is manipulated into thinking so by today's movies and educational backings. Being hard to disprove due to the abundance of text, from medieval fabliaux to Reformation rhetoric (polemics) and into historical evidence. .
             The medieval church being corrupt in its institutional state groups one thousand years of church history as a whole disregarding any and all forms of historical development and in a completely random act dubs the title "medieval" to all. Leo X, who excommunicated Luther, is often considered more of a Renaissance prince than a medieval pope and Luther's ideals have, in recent times, been reincarnated as having more in common with the thought of medieval times than many of his closest adversaries. One cannot forget that not all people reform-minded agreed with the standpoint of Luther nor did they join his reformation. .
             This standpoint does not state that there weren't instances of clerical abuse during the Middle Ages though Protestant reformers were correct in their addressing of that said matter.

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