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The Church and Technology

            For many centuries, there was very little scientific advancement due to a restraint the Catholic Church had over Europe during the Middle Ages, but this all changed during The Scientific Revolution. During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church had created a system of beliefs based on the teachings of ancient Greeks and Romans. These beliefs were incorporated into a religious doctrine and violation of this doctrine would result in severe punishment of the individual from the Church. It was because of this fear of the Church that people chose to believe whatever was told to them, rather than to do any investigating for themselves. The Scientific Revolution was a time period when the people began to do investigating and experimenting on their own, finding that what the Church had been telling them is not entirely accurate, or not accurate at all.
             The Middle Ages took place from 500-1350 AD and was a time period of trust and ignorance. Christianity began to spread throughout most of Europe between 900-1100 AD. Danes that settled in England, as well as Vikings coming to Normandy accepted the faith of their host countries. "The Norwegian Olaf Trygvesson had taken on Christianity while living in England, and patronized the religion back home after usurping the throne in 995. He encouraged English missionary work, and forcibly converted pagans."(Spark - High Middle Ages 8). Royalty all over Europe embraced Christianity and pressured their people into converting. It was no wonder Christianity became so popular so quickly. Although the religion was widespread, it was not yet becoming powerful because the clergy was being linked to the feudal system. Lords and Kings assigned bishops to protect their churches. "These priests focused less on the religion than on using church property to support their family and feudal lord. A similar process affected monasteries."(Spark - High Middle Ages 8).

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