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Scientific Revolution

            The expression "the scientific revolution" is generally employed to describe the great outburst in activity in the investigation of physical nature that took place in the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries. Although there had been much work done in the Middle Ages to prepare the way for these achievements, the quality and impact of scientific discovery in Europe in this period exceed anything ever done in any part of the world. Scientists began to use mathematics and logic in their scientific questioning. In doing so, they realized that some of their beliefs about the universe were not true. The belief that Earth was at the center of the universe gave way to the heliocentric model with the sun at the center. Religion and philosophy experienced shock, because people were beginning to not place so much on their religious beliefs. Commerce continued to enjoy forward movement because of all of the advances in science. .
             The first model of the universe was developed by Ptolemy, a Greek scientist. His model placed the Earth at the center of the universe and showed how the stars, moon, and sun move. The Roman Catholic Church accepted this model and explained that the Earth was in the center and everything else rotated around it. They added that angels made the .
             universe operate and that the universe was perfect and unchangeable, since God was perfect and unchangeable. People believed this theory for several centuries. .
             As time went by, people realized that the calculation of time was wrong because of this model. Over one thousand years, ten weeks were lost. This was an entire growing or business season. The church looked to create a more accurate model through Hermeticism, which was practiced by philosophers and mathematicians before the scientific way of thinking. The Hermetics thought that everything in the world had a divine spirit and that all things are related and moved because of this, not because of God.

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