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Effects of the Industrial Revolution

            Revolutions are and will always be a turning point in history, whether it was the French Revolution, a political overthrow, or the Industrial Revolution, a new way of living. A revolution in its simplest terms is a series of forceful fights or events that lead to a new way of living or governing. In the 1800's a new way of living and working took place which was a major turning point in our society now; the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution brought about both positive and negative changes, such as the government reforms made, and the use of modern innovations, but, with this came along lots of negatives as well. The growth and advantages that came about in the Industrial Revolution wasn't worth the cost that society endured because of the negative working conditions, housing arrangements, and the people's lives they lived in general.
             The three main causes of the Industrial Revolution were the ideas of the Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution, England's government policies, and the financial innovations made. The Industrial Revolution began solely in England for many reasons, and one being the ideas of the Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution. The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment "encouraged scholars. to apply new. thinking to mechanical and technological challenges" (page 29) which was they way the English people thought during the Industrial Revolution. The open-mind set that the Enlightenment encouraged, and the scientific way of thinking the Scientific Revolution influence lead to a new way of thinking. There ways of thinking sparked new inventions and ideas into the minds of the English that helped make the Industrial Revolution so successful. The next major cause of the Revolution was England's government policies. The government created "patent laws that allowed inventors to benefit financially from" (page 29) their property such as inventions and idea.

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