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Outcomes of the British Industrial Revolution

            The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the late 1700s. Throughout the 19th century, the industrial production increased tremendously, and brought wealth and power to Great Britain. In the effects of the Industrial Revolution, there are positive and negative effects and also there are many topics divided for both positive and negative effects. For topics there are working conditions and wages, child labor, changing role of women, conditions in the coal mines, urbanization, changing class structure and industrial production. .
             One of the first positive effects was changing class structure. The reason why class structure is positive is because people started making more money. People started to make more money because they got a law that forced the factory owners to pay a minimum wage. Other than that, middle classes started to appear which also got rid of aristocracy. Better laws for the factory owners and getting rid of aristocracy led to a better life for everyone. The second effect was the conditions in the coal mines. More workers were also need to fulfill the rising demand for coal. In 1750, British workers mined 5,000,000 tons of coal. Also, by 1780 miners were producing 23,000,000 tons. These many mine colas were used for heating water into stream. The third effect was urbanization. More than half of the population in Britain lived and worked on farms, which lead to population growth. The fourth effect was the industrial production. Technology and new machinery were comparatively inexpensive. The British economy was affluent enough to support investments in them. Inventions like the steam engine pushed ahead the coal industry and innovations in iron smelting and a new demand for iron tools in factories, which led to the growth of the British iron industry. .
             Other than positive effects, there were also negative effects. One of the first overall negative effects was the working conditions and wages.

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