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Trade Unions

             What is a trade union and what do trade unions do?.
             A trade union is an organization of people who endeavor to make the working conditions of a certain job, employment or profession better for the people who are involved with that job.
             They make better rules/laws for the workplace, better pay and better bosses. In the long run they are a benefit.
             2. Write a brief history of early trade unionism in Great Britain and Australia. Include information on the TOPPUDDLE - MARTYRS.
             The first unions started at the end of the 18th and the start of the 19th century in the United States and Western Europe. These unions were started to help workers so that they could gain a control over their economic lives and to not be so dependent on their employers. The unions were formed by some of the smarter workers.
             These men that tried and started these unions were faced with large resistance from the governments and employers. The employers and the government thought that these unions were conspiring against the trades so they made them illegal. It wasn't until later in the 19th century that laws concerning trade unions were abolished and new laws in favour of unions were introduced.
             In particular six English farmhands were sentenced to seven years in an Australian prison/jail for starting a trade union and being involved in union activities, they were in a village called Tolpuddle.
             These men got the idea of a union after the formation of the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union, which was devised by Robert Owen.
             They tried to start the union but they were prosecuted because their movement was seen as a threat and not a benefit. The law that they were prosecuted with was irrelevant to their doings. Two years after the men's sentence was remitted. This story is known as the "Tolpuddle Martyrs".
             3. What is the difference between craft unions and industry based unions?.
             A craft union is a union for a specific type of job like electricians, carpenters, builders, shearers or welders.

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