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Trade Unions

            The 1890s gave rise to the growing labour movement in the Australian colonies. Trade Unions had become increasing powerful and began lobbying for better wages and working conditions for their members. Trade unions also lobbied to employers about the hiring of non-union labour or "black" labour in the workforce. The belief that workers should have better living conditions at work and that employers should hire only union labour were the foundations of numerous strikes in the 1890s. These strikes included the Maritime strike of 1890, the Shearers strike of 1891 and the Broken Hill Miners strike of 1892. However the strikes failed and were not very successful in a achieving their goals.
             Trade Unions were organisations formed by workers in an industry that fought for better pay and working conditions for its members. The 1830s saw the start of the trade unionism with many craftsman coming together to pay workers unemployment, sickness and funeral benefits. The number of trade unions increased during the 1860s .
             and 1880s with miners, seamen, wharf labourers and shearers also forming unions of their own. .
             Union Date Location.
             Miners Union 1872 NSW.
             Victoria(2yrs later).
             Seamen's Union 1874 Sydney, Melbourne.
             Wharf labourers Union 1882 Sydney.
             Melbourne(3yrs later).
             Amalgamated Shearers Union 1886 Queensland, NSW, Victoria.
             Also it's important to note that the development of unionism coincided with good economic growth which is important as economic growth would play a factor in the downfall of many of the strike movements. With the formation of these Unions came of sense of unity among the workers. As the number of Unions and its members increased their were growing requests that employers should only hire Union labour. This request would give way to what has come to be known as the 1890 Maritime Strike.
             The name "Maritime strike" is somewhat misleading as a number of unions were involved in the strike.

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