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Positive Outcomes of the Industrial Revolution

            Have you ever wondered if all the history of industrialization having societal and social movements was true? The main attributes that make it such a big progress and event in history are the advance and increase in trade, the new job opportunities and simpler process of work, and advance in transportation. Trade was one of the biggest effects of industrialization. For instance, if the sugar trade hadn't happened the world wouldn't know the importance of trading supplies and the effects of global markets. The trade industry also showed the movement of the economy becoming more efficient and diverse. For one thing, when "sugar as sweetener came to the fore in connection with three other exotic imports [of] tea, coffee, and chocolate.[they] all began as competitors for British preference" (What drove the sugar trade, Doc F). This shows how something as widely valuable as sugar could be traded and now used in more popular items to push the market in Europe drastically up. The consumption rose, which in turn meant that more money was made. That drove prices up, then making sugar more known and developed. Society became more advanced and this product was spread throughout the nation.
             The effectiveness of job opportunities and simpler methods of work was also an outcome of industrialization. Female mill workers in Japan and England demonstrate a great example for how important it was that they produced certain materials that we use in the everyday world. Also these women transformed the world by making the process of their daily jobs simpler through more effective machines. Particularly, the production of cotton, silk, lace, and woolen material was constructed (Female Mill Workers in England and Japan, Doc 3). Because this spinning industry was booming, it created more jobs for people, helping them support their families. As this matter became more popularly known, the demand for it increased, which meant the manufacturing of elements had to be more effectively made.

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