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Changes of the Industrial Revolution

            There are many factors that can explain why the Industrial revolution made such a strong impact on the way we live today. During this time, for example, machinery was moving from being used solely by hand to powered, special-purpose machinery which increased overall productivity. Other factors such as the iron and textile industries along with the invention of the steam engine also had a big impact. Transportation, communication, and banking were also affected. And while it was believed that all these changes were for the better, some people faced challenges with employment and living conditions for the poor and working classes weren't too pleasant. Even so, the Industrial revolution had to happen and the world would not be in the successful position that it's in today. This paper will briefly explore some of the many changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. .
             The transportation industry went through major changes during the Industrial Revolution. There were three main types of transportation that were increased waterways, railroads, and roadways. Before the steam engine came along, various materials and good were pulled and delivered by either horse or by boat. Travel by water was the cheapest way to move goods like coal and iron which are by no means lightweight. This caused canals and rivers to be widened in order for more boats to pass through. The first successful steamboat was built by Robert Fulton and it wasn't long before steamboats were bringing goods across the Atlantic. Without the steamboat, transporting goods and products would not have been possible. .
             During this time period the roadways were also improved greatly. Before the Industrial Revolution not many roads were available or were not safe to travel on. The National Road was developed as a result and was also considered as the largest road building project to occur before the 20th century. The road was made of crushed stone which was a huge improvement and was easier to travel on since it wouldn't be muddy or flood like in the past.

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