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Industrial Revolution and a Changing Europe

             In a well-written essay using class discussion and your readings, discuss and analyze the causes of the industrial revolution. How did this revolution change European society from a social, economic and political standpoint?.
             Response .
             The Industrial Revolution, which took place between the 18th and 19th centuries, was a time where rural societies became industrial and urban. A major turning point in human history, the Industrial Revolution| brought about much change in society. Not only did industrialization bring about change in society, but also brought social, economic, and political change for the better. During this time, much agricultural and technological advancement came about. The Industrial Revolution was a period where there was social, economic, and political change that has changed the world we know today for the better. .
             We all know and recognize all the change that has happened throughout the years, however one would ask what was the cause of all this change? Basically, there are several precursors that lead to the need of industrialization in society. The major precursor was cheap labor. Cheap labor was abused by many, and forced young children to work under extreme conditions. Not only were the conditions dangerous, but also the amount of time they had to work without stop was absurd. "Naked to the waist, an iron chain fastened to a belt of leather runs between their legs clad in canvas trousers, while on hands and fee an English girl, for twelve, sometimes for sixteen hours a day, hauls and hurries tubs of coal up subterranean roads, dark, precipitous, and plashy; circumstances that seem to have escaped the notice of the Society for the Abolition of Negro Slavery" (Disraeli). Benjamin Disraeli was a prime minister of Britain who was one of the most zealous reformers who criticized all laborious working conditions. This quote stated by Benjamin Disraeli in his book Sybil, describes the hard working conditions in factory towns.

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