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industrial revolution

             As the industrial revolution spread all over Europe, many changes came with it. Factories and machines were now being used instead of people. These machines and factories brought more jobs. People flocked to the cities to get jobs increasing the population in these cities. These overcrowded cities led to unsanitary work conditions, and living conditions. To improve these conditions unions and reforms were formed. Other changes during the industrial revolution were more rights for woman and slaves, and a drastic change in the social class. This industrial revolution has greatly shaped our technologically advanced world today.
             Our topic was unionization and legislative reform. This was a very important aspect of the industrial revolution. Because of the undesirable working conditions reforms and unions were formed. The reforms helped to improve working conditions and shorten long arduous work hours, while unions fought for higher wages. These reforms also brought woman's rights. These rights allowed woman to work in the factories and obtain more desirable jobs. In addition, because of these factories there was less of a need for slavery. .
             The topic I researched was the reform laws. These laws worked to improve the worst abuses of industrialization. The Factory Acts were a major part of the reform. These laws worked to improve working conditions in factories. They also limited the work hours, especially for woman and children. These reforms ended child labour all together in 1904. Another reform was the Mine Acts. The Mine Acts prevented woman and children from working underground. Other reforms included giving working class men a right to vote and improvements in government and in schools. Reforms such as these improved the living conditions in industrialized cities greatly.

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