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The British Industrial Revolution

            The Industrial Revolution means a time when rapid major changes in an economy started and changed how people lived completely with new inventions and ideas, maybe changing a country from being agricultural to industrial. The Industrial Revolution had good and bad consequences. Britain, located in Europe, was the first to experience the evolution of what was called the industrial revolution during the early 1800s, giving Britain a head start over the whole world that were still being agricultural. This was why "By 1815 Britain was the most powerful empire in the world." (Quote from Professor Jeromy Black, a British historian). The Industrial Revolution added or changed Britain in these ways: many new inventions, ideas, and advances were made and built; Britain child labor was increased; and pollution and contamination spread everywhere in Britain.
             The Industrial Revolution started and lasted in Britain from about 1770-1850. Many inventions, ideas, and advances in different fields like transportation and engineering had occurred. Many of the inventions made during this time usually used coal and iron. Coal and iron deposits were very plentiful in England. Coal was used for very potent fuel, while iron was used for a building supply. The steam engine, telegraph, sewing machine, telephone, and many others were built to help us with life. When it comes to the creation of transportation, the Industrial Revolution would probably be in the top because during this evolution, the first reliable steam engine, steamboat, locomotives, and some others were built. Thousands of miles of roads, railways, and canals were built for these transportation vehicles. Many cities full of factories were also built. There was a reason why they called this time age the Industrial Revolution.
             With many new cities and factories, there was a high demand for labor and work. Many families that lived in rural farm areas went to new cities to find work for money.

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