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Causes of the Industrial Revolution

             What led to the "Industrial Revolution"? Is this term correct, or might it be a misnomer? Why?.
             Historians consider the industrial revolution as the most significant period in the history of humanity. The Oxford English dictionary describes the industrial revolution as a rapid industrial development, which took place in England in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, chiefly owing to the introduction of new or improved machinery and large-scale production methods. One cannot refute the fact that the world's first industrial revolution occurred in Britain. However, the word 'industrial revolution' bears its origin outside of Britain. Earlier studies show that it originated from France and a German writer borrowed it to describe the economic and social changes that occurred in Britain in the eighteenth century. This factor coupled with other factors creates confusion regarding the nature of the revolution. So high is the confusion that some researchers say that the word 'industrial revolution' as a misnomer. In this regard, this paper analyzes the multidimensional aspects of the eighteenth century industrial revolution including the conflicting viewpoints and those widely accepted. It concludes that the industrial revolution, though not industrial in nature, is not a misnomer.
             The industrial revolution occurred between 1780 and 1850 in England. This revolution changed the face of England forever. It then spread to other parts of the world, thereby, resulting in a new world order. There are many controversies surrounding the industrial revolution. Firstly, Britain adopted the term 'industrial revolution' to describe her economic growth in the early nineteenth century. The word originated from France. The French called it, 'révolution industrielle'. It described the social advances that had happened in the country because of their political advancement.

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