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The Industrial Revolution

             The Industrial Revolution caused many changes in society, technology, and.
             Each of the areas of revolution can be a cause or effect of another. .
             For example, Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin was indeed an invention. It also.
             presented a need for more workers, which made the slave trade increase, which is a.
             social change, and the cotton gin was new technology. Changes like that can be seen.
             throughout the Agricultural and Industrial Revolution.
             One of the main contributors to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution was the.
             Agricultural Revolution. There were changes in farming which caused a great increase.
             in the amount and variety of foods produced. During the 1700's, farmers began farming.
             a new foods such as potatoes and corn. This led to new ways to use the land.
             With a variety of different foods being harvested there was a need to get better.
             use of the land. In the 1730's Charles Townshend invented the crop rotation system. In.
             this system a farmer would use one field for a crop and use another field the next season. .
             This made the farm land more fertile and easier to use.
             Since more ways to farm were identifying themselves, there was an.
             accompanying need for better farm equipment. The production of new farm machines.
             also produce a higher quantity of food. Jethro Tull developed a seed drill that planted.
             seeds in straight rows. This vastly improved the old method. In the 1700's farmers also.
             began to use new iron plows in pace of less efficient wooden plows. In the 1800's.
             wealthy landowners also bought mechanical reapers and threshers which made harvesting.
             crops easier.
             The Agricultural Revolution set the stage for the Industrial Revolution. with.
             more food available, the health of people vastly improved. These changes contributed to.
             the growth in population. As the population expanded, the need for manufactured goods.
             erupted. To accommodate these needs better farming machines were produced, but this.

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