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Industrial Revolution in general

            When the term "Industrial Revolution" is mentioned in non-fiction books, it is always connected to a process of economical and industrial development in Great Britain. With its beginning in the middle of the 18th century, the revolution in Britain was the starting point for the following industrializations all over the world. Therefore, Great Britain is called "The first Industrial Nation", which was a big increase in prestige in this time of vying with other countries for the supremacy in European Industry. .
             The Industrial Revolution commenced with the invention and exertion of new main engines and processing machines, new work techniques and methods of production in order to put new scientific knowledge into practice. It proceeded with the division of labour in industrial enterprises, with the edification of new production areas and with the upgrading of the infrastructure, e.g. public conveyance and roads.
             The conditions for an amelioration of manufacture were exceedingly good: Great Britain was a country without any state frontiers inside. There were no customs barrier, which was a good supposition for cheap trading and production. As Britain was the "Mother of Democracy", there were very distinct basic rights which resulted for example in the protection of everyone's property. Landowners all over the country stimulated the commerce with their willingness for investment.
             Though, an improvement of the industry was really necessary, because the population increased and the production of agricultural essentials was no longer warranted. .
             The main inventions of this period, which persisted during the Victorian Age (1837-1901), named after Queen Victoria, were the "Steam Engine", contrived by James Watt in 1788 and used in the mining industry and the locomotive, built by George Stevenson 1814 and first utilized in 1825 on a rail connection of 16,7 mi length. .
             Taking everything into account, the Industrial Revolution was the most important process of development in the 18th and 19th century - it brought a lot of inventions and changes to Great Britain, which are specified in the following.

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